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What is OIS Pin Automatic Laser Soldering (Laser Welding) Machine?

February 29,2024

Before introducing our  OIS upper and lower pin Laser automatic welding machine, we may have a question “what is OIS?"

Now, smartphones are popular worldwide, except for the game & video functions most people indulge in, photography functions cannot be ignored either. In our daily lives, taking random photos and sharing them on various social media circles is common. Therefore, our demand for mobile phone photography is getting higher and higher, and mobile phones are small and lightweight. Most scenes need to meet the requirements of taking them out and taking pictures. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the focusing performance and anti-shake performance of mobile phones. Equipped with optical image stabilization(OIS), this feature has become the choice of smartphone manufacturers.

OIS is the abbreviation of Optical Image Stabilizer, which is an optical image stabilizer. It corrects the "optical axis deviation" through the lens's floating. Its principle is to detect small movements through the gyroscope in the lens, and then transmit the signal to the microprocessor, the processor immediately calculates the amount of displacement that needs to be compensated and then compensates according to the direction and displacement of the lens through the compensation lens group. 

1- OIS optical image stabilization principle

Because smartphones are not as professional photography or monitoring equipment such as SLRs and security cameras, users generally carry them. Therefore, the OIS optical image stabilization accessories applied to smartphones not only guarantee performance but also require matching the size of the camera components of smartphones.

Thanks to the development of science and technology, technicians quickly researched and designed corresponding optical anti-shake accessories. Another big problem is how to mass produce, test these accessories, and carry out standardized assembly and production. Due to its high-precision characteristics, traditional manual production can no longer meet the requirements. Implementing mechanical automation can ensure product consistency and improve production efficiency and quality. 

2-OIS Pin Laser welding soldering machine for smartphone antishake module

In response to the needs of OIS manufacturers, JK Technology ( also known as JK Tech or JK laser) develop, design, and manufacture  OIS Pin Automatic Laser Soldering (Laser Welding) Machine, OIS lifting ring wire cutting and inserting machine, which has been favored by many leading OIS manufacturers in mainland China and is used in the production of their domestic and foreign factories.

What are the advantages of OIS Pin automatic soldering machine?

1. The equipment adopts a high-precision visual positioning correction system and a Linear motor motion system to achieve high-speed precision welding with a welding accuracy of ±0.01mm.

2. During the welding process, nitrogen is used to assist to prevent the oxidation of the solder balls and effectively improve the utilization rate of the solder balls.

3. The operation interface designed by JK Technology(JK tech, JK laser) according to the needs of the OIS industry, it is a reasonable layout and is simple & practical for operation

4. Real-time statistics of machine output to facilitate operator monitoring

5. Has priority operation authority to facilitate monitoring by technicians

6. Easy to store and retrieve different project files

7. The landing point of the ball can be fine-tuned based on data

8. It has nozzle anti-collision safety measures to avoid product damage caused by misoperation.

9. Built-in laser energy detection function, simple and friendly operation

10. Built-in automatic cleaning function of welding tip, efficient and labor-saving

11. One-click camera automatic calibration function, with laser for convenient calibration, easy to learn and use

12. Equipped with operating safety protection devices to ensure personal safety and production operations

13. It has a light spot adjustment function, which can adjust the indicating light spot and focal length to facilitate storage management.

14. It has a real-time dynamic monitoring system for the welding nozzle and supports highly visual management.

15. The stable marble platform design ensures the welding accuracy and stability of the equipment and the welding quality is controllable.

What do you need to present to JK Technology( when you want to customize OIS Laser Welding Machine (laser soldering machine) for your workshop?

1. confirmed the machine program& software, such as a function for adjusting the fixture, operation manner, CCD position of loading&unloading, soldering& scanning, communication protocol support, tracking reserved load unload IO signal interface, and other requirements on software & program)

2. All aspects of hardware, such as occupied space, laser, tin ball soldering space, motor motion&accuracy, industrial PC Configuration, CCD pixel, track width, light, machine worktable height, fixture, automatic loading& unloading structure, and so on.

3. Other performance requirements, for example, the appearance of the fixture, soldering accuracy, soldering output&yield, power supply, machine operation requirements, machine safety, after-sale service, and so on)

4. Finally how many sets of machines(Quantity of the Machines). How many sets may be needed for a new workshop or renovation & improvement?

If you have any more questions or want to learn more about OIS laser welding soldering machine in details, please