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High-speed High-precision Automatic VCM (voice coil motor) Welding Cutting Assembly Testing Machine designed and manufactured by JK Technology

March 15,2024


What is a VCM motor?

VCM Motor is an electric motor that utilizes a magnetic vibrating microphone (VCM) as a sensor to detect vibration. Voice coil motors (voice coil actuators) can be found in applications in smartphone cameras, Direct Drive Valves (DDV), and NANO positioning device to enhance their performance in terms of high precision motion applications, lens focusing low power consumption, and high efficiency. OIS (Optical image stabilizer) is a function used in the voice coil motor that helps to detect the movements in front of the shaking part of the lens to prevent the image from becoming blurred.


The solder joints required for VCM components are tiny and almost invisible to the naked eye. To meet the soldering requirements of VCM components, traditional iron soldering technology makes it hard to meet the mass production demand of the smartphone market, as its soldering efficiency is low and the yield output is low.


Before, people imagined that the complex manufacturing process along with the higher upfront cost were some factors that could hamper the future growth prospects of voice coil motors in the global market in the upcoming years, but not.Thanks to the application of intelligent machinery manufacturing in the field of VCM, many companies have emerged in China that have successfully mass-produced VCM. Their products are widely used in various well-known brands of mobile phones, aerial photography, vehicles, VR/AR and other industries. JK Technology has cooperation with most of the top 10 companies in VCM China due to its professional mechanical automation research and development capabilities.


JK technology has developed full line of automatic laser cutting, welding, stripping machine for VCM, also automatic assembly and testing line for VCM motor.

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