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Different Types and Applications of Laser Cutting Machines

March 19,2024

What is laser cutting? Do you know all the different types of laser-cutting machines and each application?

Laser technology is becoming more and more widespread. Today we will talk about one of the main applications of laser technology in modern industry, laser cutting.

What is laser cutting? Laser cutting is a high-precision cutting process that uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a cutting tool. There are several types of laser cutting based on different classifications:

Classification based on the laser source:

- Fiber laser cutting: Uses a fiber laser as the light source, known for high cutting speed and stability, suitable for cutting various metals and non-metal materials. The main application of optical fiber laser cutting is the processing of steel plates and steel beam with high-power fiber cutting equipment.


- CO2 laser cutting: Utilizes a CO2 laser as the light source, ideal for cutting thick materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel. The glass tube Co2 laser cutting and engraving machine is very common to see, as it is cost is very competitive, it welcomed by fabric, acrylic, MDF industry. Some colleges or schools and educational institutions my also prefer to purchasing for on-site teach purpose.


- Solid-state laser cutting: Employs solid-state lasers, offering high output power and stability, suitable for high-precision cutting requirements.


Classification based on cutting principles:

- Laser vaporization cutting: Utilizes the laser beam to heat the workpiece, causing rapid vaporization and forming a cut.

- Laser melting cutting: Melts the material locally and uses a high-speed airflow to remove the molten material and create the cut.

- Laser oxygen cutting: Adds oxygen to the cutting process to enhance the cutting efficiency and speed.

- Laser scribing and controlled fracture: Involves using the laser to mark or scribe the material before mechanically or thermally inducing the fracture.


Classification based on application fields:

- Metal cutting: Widely used in metal manufacturing industries such as automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, and machinery.

- Non-metal cutting: Applied in cutting materials such as plastic, wood, glass, and fibers.

- Electronics industry: Utilized in cutting circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductor materials.

- Medical industry: Used for cutting medical devices, biological tissues, and other applications.


Laser cutting machines  offer advantages like high precision, efficiency, and excellent cutting quality, making them widely used in various industries.

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