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Automatic Laser Tin Ball Soldering Equipment / Machine

January 25,2024

What is Automatic Laser Tin Ball Soldering Equipment? How does the Automatic Laser Tin Ball Soldering Equipment work?

Below are some brief introductions for your easy understanding.

Tin ball Soldering equipment adopted the welding method that uses a laser heat source to heat and melt the solder balls and spray them onto the surface of the solder joints through a specific device. It has the advantages of a high degree of automation, fast welding speed, and high precision.


Preparation of solder balls: There are manufacturers on the market that specialize in the production and preparation of metal solder balls of different specifications. They can be purchased or customized according to the size of the actual interconnection solder joints of the product.

Transmission and positioning: Solder balls can be transported and positioned through a special single solder ball distributing system and spray head.

Laser heating: During the welding process, the laser beam is used to heat the solder ball located on the nozzle head, causing it to melt rapidly.

Injection forming: Molten solder balls are then sprayed onto the solder joint surface at high speed to form interconnected solder joints. This process requires no additional flux or tools.

Automated control: The  welding(soldering) process  can be automatically controlled, including the transfer, positioning and injection speed control of solder balls to adapt to different application needs.


Non-contact welding: Since there is no direct contact between the solder joint and the welding body during the welding process, static electricity problems caused by contact can be avoided.


Wide range of applications: Due to its fast and accurate characteristics, solder ball welding technology is widely used in the 3C electronics industry, such as camera modules, VCM modules, contact brackets, magnetic heads, and other precision micro-components welding.

Jiankun Technology focuses on automatic precision laser machines. JK R&D team independent researched and developed the OIS base ASSY pin automatic  soldering machine, OIS ring wire soldering machine, and automatic dual-platform precision VCM coil laser soldering machine. These machines help our customers to improve yield and output, achieve the production capacity improvement plan.


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