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Spiral Path Laser Welding Machine

JKL-LXW-80I high speed precision welding spiral path laser welding machine factory direct price

Place of Origin: Changsha, China

Brand Name: JK Technology

Model Number: JKL-LXW-80I

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: Negotiable, OEM available

Packaging Details: Wrapped with thin film, Wood Package

Delivery Time: Within 15 days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/Month

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Quick Detail

Jiankun laser spiral welding machine applies laser spiral welding technology, which uses a laser beam to scan during the welding process and weld in a spiral trajectory to form a spiral weld. Compared with traditional spot welding and line welding, which are welded along straight lines, thread welding has the advantages of relatively fast speed, better welding quality, and wider application fields.


Laser spiral welding technology is suitable for welding various metal and non-metal materials, such as steel, copper, tin, aluminum, etc., and can be widely used in automobiles, aerospace, electronics, textiles, medical, electric power, and other fields. JKL-LXW-80I is a laser thread welding machine designed for precision parts in the 3C, medical, automotive motors, VCM motors and other fields. JianKun laser spiral path welding machine has a compact design and a small footprint, it can increase the welding speed while ensuring the welding quality, thereby greatly improving production efficiency. It is a good production and efficiency-improving equipment.

1-laser spiral path welding machine

Widely used in the various kind of electronics camera module, 3C precision part, VCM motors, Motor shrapnel, metal components, copper silver aluminum accessories, etc.

3-Application of spiral laser welding machine


4-laser spiral path welding machine size

Laser ModePulse Fiber Laser
Galvanometer Accuracy±3μm
Maximum Visual Range25X25mm
Laser Power80W
Drive MethodServo Module Drive
Axis Accuracy±5μm
UPHDepends on actual product and the number of welding joints
Vacuum SourceNegative pressure 0~100Kpa
Working Temperature15℃-25℃
Working Humidity30%-60% (non-condensing)
Air Source0.3~0.7MPa
Product Dimensions850X950X1780mm
Power Supply and Rated PowerAC220V 50/60HZ, 3KW

Competitive Advantage
  • High-precision control of the welding process is achieved through precise control of the laser beam, to achieving more precise welding.

  • Compared with traditional welding methods, laser spiral welding machines can increase welding speed while ensuring welding quality and greatly improving production efficiency.

  • Fiber lasers are maintenance-free, have low cost and long life.

  • Large screen display, more intuitive welding effect.

  • High elector-optical conversion efficiency, long life and easy maintenance .

  • Laser spiral welding machines can reduce material waste and energy consumption under the premise of high productivity, thus bringing significant cost savings.


5-connector laser spiral welding machine packing

Spiral path laser welding machine

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