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Portable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

JKL-JWG 60w 100w 150w 300w Desktop high speed galvanometer high precision QCW jewelry precision connectors laser welding machine

Place of Origin: Changsha, China

Brand Name: JK Technology

Model Number: JKL-JWG

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: Negotiable, OEM available

Packaging Details: Wrapped with thin film, Wooden case packing

Delivery Time: Within 10 days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/Month

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Quick Detail

Our portable high speed galvanometer desktop laser jewelry welding machine is compact and durable. With self-developed welding control system, it is easy to operate and achieve high precision processing. Good welding quality, high welding efficiency, low consumables, low energy consumption and low cost of use. It is widely used for welding all kinds of metals, alloys and dissimilar materials, including precision devices, gold and silver jewelry, glasses, clocks and watches, etc.

1 high speed galvanometer QCW laser jewelry welding machine


The QCW fiber laser used in our desktop jewelry laser welding machine is self-developed and has a pulsed control system for more accurate energy control. The internal optical devices of the laser are all connected by fusion welding, so the equipment can be moved without recalibrating the optical path. The laser is integrated with internal homogenizing devices, the laser energy distribution is uniform, more suitable for welding field. At the same time, the fiber laser has no optical consumables, low maintenance, high efficiency and low cost of use. The QCW desktop jewelry laser welding machine has an integrated compact design, small size and light weight, and the self-developed system can precisely control the parameters and run smoothly, and the large touch screen with adjustable screen angle shows the working status in real time, which can easily realize high-precision processing. 60W, 100W, 150W different power can be chosen, which can easily be applied to different industries for fine metal welding.


Desktop jewelry laser welding machine can be used in a wide range of industries for welding various metals, alloys and dissimilar materials, such as precision devices, gold and silver jewelry, glasses, clocks and watches, medical fields, etc.

GalavnometerD12&20 ZBTK high speed Galavnometer( DOE)
Laser TypeQCW Laser Source
Laser Power≥60W≥100W≥150W≥300W
Max Pulse Energy6J10J15J300J
Max Peak Power600W1000W1500W3000W
Max Frequency50HZ
Pulse Width0.02-50ms
Operating ModeQCW 
Energy Fluctuation<1.5%
Flare Size0.3-1.5mm
Optical fiber core50um/100um/150um/200um &DOE
Optical fiber armor length1.5m&6m(customized available)
Cooling modAir cooling
Device power consumption500W600W800W1400W
Power Requirements110V-240V, 50/60HZ
Laser Operating Temperature10°C-45°C
Working Environment Relative Humidity20%-85%
Competitive Advantage
  • Small body with big energy, integrated compact design of the whole machine, reasonable layout, light and compact, small volume, small footprint, space-saving;

  • The use of self-developed welding control system, simple operation, zero basis can easily learn and practical use, easy to achieve high-precision processing:

    ①Simple interface, simple operation, easy to learn and use

    ②Seven-inch touch screen display, good visual effect

    ③Real-time display of work status, progress is clear at a glance

    ④The angle of the screen can be adjusted as needed, making the work more efficient

  • Independent R&D system, can accurately control the parameters, strong compatibility, smooth operation, intelligent and efficient, the parameters can be adjustable.

  • Our self-developed QCW fiber laser, using pulse control system, more accurate energy control, uniform laser energy distribution, much more suitable for welding field.

    ①Stable power, fast welding speed, good welding effect, deep melt pool, good quality consistency

    ①Stable power, fast welding speed, good welding effect, deep melt pool, good quality consistency

    ③maintenance-free, no consumables

    ④Long service life, electro-optical conversion rate up to 30%.

JKhigh speed galvanometer QCW pluse fiber laser welding machine

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