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PCB Automatic Laser Marking Machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine
PCB laser marking machine

JKL072 Xypoint location platform CCD camera located system high-precision automatic FPC PCB laser coding marking machine

Place of Origin: Changsha, China

Brand Name: JK Technology

Model Number: JKL-ZB-IV

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: Negotiable, OEM available

Packaging Details: Wrapped with thin film, Wood Package

Delivery Time: Within 10 days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 50 Sets/Month

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Quick Detail

Jiankun PCB automatic laser coding machine is also called PBC laser marking machine, FPC board laser marking machine, QR code laser marking machine, Circuit board laser marking machine, etc. It is a laser coding equipment specially used for engraving barcodes, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, characters, graphics and other information on the surface of PCB circuit boards, FPC soft boards, semiconductor chips, optical communication modules, etc. It comes with automatic plate turning, code sweeping, data uploading and other functions, which can realize double-sided high precision coding.


PCB automatic laser marking machine is mainly used to mark barcode, 1D code, 2D code, text symbol, graphic, logo, etc. on the surface of PCB, FPC, optical communication module, semiconductor chip and other materials by means of precision laser marking. It can automatically generate two-dimensional code from the manufacturer, production batch, production date ......, etc., and engrave it in the preset position with high efficiency and accuracy, so as to realize the traceability and management of the products. Jiankun PCB laser automatic coding machine is divided into single laser head processing system corresponding to PCB board single-sided marking; double laser head processing system and single laser head flip plate processing system corresponding to PCB board double-sided marking, integrated with high performance CO2/Fiber light source, and high pixel imported CCD camera, with micron-level moving module, can realize automatic positioning before coding and automatic reading and rating after coding. The machine can realize the docking with customer information system through the special software developed independently. The marking information can be automatically generated by the software system or received through the network. It can be operated online with SMT production line or offline workstation with automatic board loading and unloading machine.

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Automatic PCB laser coding machine, with the function of engraving 1D code, 2D code, text, symbols or graphics on the surface of PCB board and other materials, is widely used in PCB circuit board, semiconductor LCD, semiconductor chip, optical communication module, FPC soft board and other objects on the surface of precision laser coding, so as to achieve traceability management. The system is capable of automatic feeding, precise positioning, laser marking, checking and reading, and automatic discharging.

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2 PCB autuomatic laser coding machine sample

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Laser Power5W/10W/20W/30W (optional)
Laser SourceINNO, Raycus, Max, IPG, Mopa, etc.
GalvanometerHigh-speed scanning galvanometer
Laser Wavelength10640nm/1064nm/532nm/355nm
Marking Range50mm*50mm-460mm*510mm
Applicable MaterialsGreen, Bule, White, Black PCB/FPC and metals
Marking Speed3000mm/s
Minimum Marking Size1.5mm*1.5mm
Cooling MethodAir Cooling
Operating Ambient Temperature15℃-30℃
Positioning MethodCCD+Mark
Laser Module Life20000hours-100000hours
Power Supply and Rated PowerAC220V 50/60HZ,2.5KW
Competitive Advantage
  • The program interface is personalized, the actual operation is easy to learn, and the writing function is strong;

  • The laser optical system has high stability, good beam quality, small focusing spot and uniform power distribution;

  • Imported fast scanning galvanometer, high processing precision, faster marking speed and stable performance;

  • It can automatically obtain order number, commodity batch number, material coding rules, product name, specification and model and other data and automatically code them. It can automatically load the QR code and retain the data information. When it cannot be loaded, it will automatically record and alarm;

  • High-precision imported CCD realizes automatic positioning, code reading and rating;

  • Comes with functions such as automatic copying, code scanning, and data uploading, which can realize double-sided high-precision coding, automatic identification of wrong materials, and anti-duplicate codes;

  • The gantry structure is adopted, and the structure of the whole machine is firm and stable; the guide rail adopts synchronous belt transmission to ensure the service life and operation accuracy of the equipment;

  • With different products, it can realize functions such as dust extraction, automatic focusing and automatic adjustment of track width, reducing the time for changing lines;

  • It can be coded online and connected to SHOPFLOW, MES, IMS, PMS and other management systems;

  • The loading and unloading machine can be customized to realize fully automatic coding and save labor

  • No consumables, environmental protection, zero pollution, and maintenance-free.



PCB automatic laser coding machine
PCB automatic laser marking machine

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