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The external audit of Jiankun Technology's quality system 2023 was successfully completed

Time : 2023-08-01 Hits : 13

On July 31, 2023, Hunan Jiankun Precision Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in the 2023 external quality system audit, which mainly reviewed the compliance, adequacy, and effectiveness of the company's quality system operating status.This audit was conducted by the audit team leader Mr. Xue and the auditor Mr. Yu arranged by the Ashuo Certification Center. The company's senior management, management representatives, and middle managers participated, and the quality department manager Hu Yuhua accompanied the entire process. 

At the first meeting, manager representative Kuang emphasized the importance of conducting external audits of system quality, requiring all functional departments to attach great importance to it, actively cooperate, and keep records during the audit process, so as to further improve and improve it.

During the audit process, the teacher conducted an on-site audit through the method of "looking, asking and checking", covering various aspects of the business order process, plan issuance, purchasing materials in and out of the warehouse, production and use, quality control of various inspection links, customer satisfaction and other aspects of the system Review.

At the summary meeting, Mr. Xue gave a good evaluation of the operation of Jiankun Technology’s quality management system. The quality management measures were well implemented and the predetermined quality management goals were achieved. The company successfully passed the supervision and audit. While affirming the results, Mr. Xue also provided feedback on the review content and made suggestions for improvements in Jiankun Technology’s internal management and talent training.

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