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Jiankun Perovskite solar cell's automatic coating machines

Time : 2024-05-24 Hits : 24

In May 2024, Jiankun Technology completed the commissioning of the first batch of perovskite solar cells automatic coating machines.

1-Perovskite solar cells coating machine

The Perovskite solar cell automatic coating machine is a device used to prepare Perovskite thin films during Perovskite solar cell production. The equipment uses precise coating technology to evenly coat the solution-like Perovskite material on the substrate to form a thin film. The Perovskite coating machine usually consists of multiple components, including a coating head, a control system, a substrate supply system, a drying/evaporation system, a collection system, and a cleaning system. The coating head is a key part of the equipment, that can accurately control the coating thickness and surface quality. The control system controls the entire coating process to ensure that the coating is uniform and stable, online operation automatic loading and unloading, reduces manual loading and unloading, and avoids product damage.


The Perovskite solar cell automatic coating machine developed and produced by Jiankun Technology for one of the leading Perovskite solar cell invested mass production enterprises completed production commissioning this month. Worldwide Perovskite solar cell manufacturers are welcome to join our study and improve Perovskite production technology together.