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How to choose the right Linear Motor for the actual application?

Time : 2023-10-19 Hits : 36

The direct drive motor product family includes linear motors, voice coil motors and torque motors, no matter which one has a wide range of applications in practice. Among them, linear motors are divided into iron core linear motors and linear motors without iron core. People often face the selection of linear motors in actual needs, so how to choose a suitable linear motor for the actual application? Or what are the main aspects of the professional selection of linear motors? Below we will give a brief introduction:

1. The selection of linear motors is mainly based on the calculation of the maximum thrust and continuous thrust requirements.

2. In linear motion, F=ma, where F is the thrust output by the motor, in N; m is the total mass of the moving object (including the mass of the load and the motor mover itself), in kg; a is the acceleration, in m/s2. The maximum load is determined by the total mass and maximum acceleration of the moving object. (Practical application thrust = total mass x acceleration + friction + external stress)

3. Determine the acceleration

①Triangular Motion Planning:a=2S/t²


最大速度 The max. speed 行程Route 三角形面积Triangle Area 停顿时间 Pause Time

②Trapezoidal motion planning:a=S/t1(t1+t2),Uniform velocity.


梯形面积:Trapezoid area

4. Calculating Sustained Thrust:


(持续推力Sustained thrust)

In the formula, Fa=thrust in acceleration section, Ta=acceleration time, Fc=thrust in constant speed section, Tc=time in constant speed section, Fd=thrust in deceleration section, Td=time in deceleration section, Fw=thrust in deceleration section, Tw=time in deceleration section.

Note: It is necessary to reserve a safety margin when selecting a model. It is recommended to set the safety factor to 20~30%.

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