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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

JKL-G20W-IV Enclosed bench-top Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Place of Origin: Changsha, China

Brand Name: JK Technology

Model Number: JKL-G20W-IV

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: Negotiable, OEM available

Packaging Details: Wrapped with thin film, Wood Package

Delivery Time: Within 10 days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/Month

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Quick Detail

JianKun enclosed fiber laser marking machine is designed for a dust-free workshop, desktop compact enclosed size design with dust exhaust port, adopts 20W JPT fiber laser and Justscan high-speed Galvanometer, MarkingMate muti-language marking control system. It comes with a working table with high bearing capacity and is durable; the integrated lifting frame of the profile is easy to use flexibly, has strong versatility, and strong in shock resistance. At the same time, it comes with a scale ruler, which makes marking positioning simple and accurate. It is also equipped with rollers for easy movement and is suitable for different occasions. According to customer requirements, there are different wattage powers to choose from. In addition, lasers and galvanometers can also be OEM configured according to customer needs.


Fiber laser marking machine is the most advanced laser engraving/marking/printing equipment, which has the characteristics of good beam quality, small size, fast speed, long working life, flexible and convenient installation and maintenance-free. Fiber laser is the latest type with the most reliable structure, small size, low power consumption, no high voltage and no need for a huge water cooling system (only about 400W), high beam quality, close to ideal beam, USB interface output control, optical scanning galvanometer , High repetition rate of laser, high speed without distortion, etc.

We JKlaser have various forms fiber laser marking machine for different application scenarios and support customized according to your needs, and looking for worldwide local buyers or retailers for longtime cooperation.

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Fiber laser marking machine is used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses clocks, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes. Laser marking machines have changed many traditional processing modes, greatly reducing labor costs and product production costs.

Laser marking machines are widely used in the marking of various metals and electronic hardware accessories industry. Some hardware accessories and electronic components will be marked by laser marking machines. For materials with high friction such as automobiles, ships, machinery, equipment, etc., laser marking can achieve wear resistance and durability, which can better help the industry to mark.

1- JK Technology enclosed bench-top laser marking machine sample

JKlasermachine Metal material fiber laser samples 1
JKlasermachine Non-metal material fiber laser samples 1
ProductEnclosed fiber laser marking machineModelJKL-G20W-IV
ApplicationsFiber laser marking machine can mark on most metal and non-metal materials, widely used in Electronic Separation Components, Integrated Circuits (IC), Electrical Circuits, Mobile Communications, Hardware Products, Kitchen Utensils, Tool Accessories, Precision Instruments, Glasses Clocks, Computer Keyboards, Jewelry, Auto parts, Plastics, Sanitary Ware, PVC pipes, Medical Equipment, Packaging Bottles, etc.
Technical ParametersDimension1120(with screen)*880*1710mm
Laser SourceFiber
Operation ModeManual operation
Cooling methodAir cooling
Laser Power20w/30w/50w/80w/100w optional
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Laser output power0%100% continuously adjustable
Power Stability±1%rms
Focusing Spot Diameter0.05mm
Minimum Linewidth/Minimum Character0.012mm/0.15mm
System operation environmentWindows XP/ 7/8/10
Optical Quality<1.5
Marking Range150mm*150mm
Optional Range50mm*50mm-300mm*300mm optional
Marking Speed9000mm/s
Marking Depth≤ 1.2mm ( depends on laser power and material)
Repetition Accuracy±0.003mm
Ambient Temperature 10℃35℃
Marking TypeDynamic Mark/Static Mark
Laser Module Lifetime100000hours
Power Supply and Rated PowerAC220V 50/60HZ, 400W
Operational Process1. Open the software graphic file
2. Put the product on the platform
3. Fix the product
4. Click start to complete the processing
Competitive Advantage
  • High beam quality and higher photoelectric conversion efficiency: the resolution is 1 micron, which is more than 10 times that of traditional products;

  • Low power consumption:<400W, which is 1/25-1/10 of traditional products;
  • Ultra-long life of more than 100,000 hours (lamp-pumped YAG is about several hundred hours, and semiconductor is about 10,000 hours);

  • High integration, small size, easy to integrate automation equipment;

  • Integrated overall structure, no optical pollution, small power coupling loss;

  • Self-contained workbench, large worktable surface, can realize continuous and uninterrupted marking in a wide range;

  • Fast speed: 800 standard characters/second, which is more than 3-5 times that of traditional products;

  • Maintenance-free, no consumables, low cost of use;

  • Wider application, suitable for most metal and non-metal materials;

  • Friendly operation interface, suitable for various file formats, such as dxf, plt, bmp, step, iges, txt, etc.

JianKun technology enclosed fiber laser laser marking machine

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