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Automatic Perovskite Laser Etching Machine
1-Picosecond green laser perovskite etching equipment
2 Picosecond green laser perovskite etching machine
3-Picosecond green laser perovskite p1 p2 p3 etching machine
1-Picosecond green laser perovskite etching equipment
2 Picosecond green laser perovskite etching machine
3-Picosecond green laser perovskite p1 p2 p3 etching machine

JKA-PE01 high precision automatic loading femtosecond or picosecond green laser perovskite etching machine

Place of Origin: Changsha, China

Brand Name: JK Technology

Model Number: JKA-PE01

Certification: CE, ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set

Price: Negotiable, OEM available

Packaging Details: Wrapped with thin film, Wood package

Delivery Time: Within 45 days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 100 sets/month

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Quick Detail

JianKun Perovskite laser etching machine (Perovskite laser scribing machine) is a precision equipment used to manufacture perovskite solar cells. The perovskite laser etching machine uses laser etching technology to selectively etch the surface of the perovskite material to form a specific micro structure. As Laser etching is fast, so high-quality perovskite solar cells can be manufactured on a large scale by Perovskite laser etching machine.

Perovskite Laser Etching Machine


Jiankun perovskite solar cell etching machine, also named perovskite laser solar cell scribing machine adopts picosecond or femtosecond lasers, to meet the requirements of high precision, good etching effect, and high efficiency proposed by perovskite solar cell manufacturers.Very fine structures can be formed as the laser beam's energy can be controlled very precisely by the machine's special design control system. Installed this laser etching & scribing machine in the perovskite solar cell production line, higher quality and more efficient perovskite solar cells can be manufactured.

green laser  Picosecond perovskite etching machine
Picosecond green laser perovskite etching equipment

Perovskite solar cells are in high demand due to flexibility in application, and could also be incorporated into a variety of products, such as handheld electronics, apparel, and construction materials. A significant development in the direction of a safe and green energy future is the creation of perovskite solar cells. If you want to know more about the turnkey line for Perovskite, please feel free to contact us.


Perovskite laser etching machines (Perovskite laser scribing machine) are suitable for the R&D and production departments of scientific research institutes, universities, and enterprises. Especially in the R&D and production process of perovskite solar cells, the perovskite laser etching machine can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, so it is one of the necessary equipment.

Laser SourceFemtosecond or picosecond green laser
Laser Power1030nm 20W /515nm 10W  532nm 30W /60W
Beam Spacing Tolerance Range ≤20μm
Energy Uniformity ≤5%
Etching Dead Zone Width ≤150μm
Minimum Etching Width P1≤30μm
Processing Time ≤30s/piece (including loading and unloading)
Etching Distance 6.9mm
Cooling MethodWater cooling
Vision SystemCCD pixels >5 million; field of view: 4.4*3.3(mm)
Max Etching Product Size1.2M*0.65M
Gas Source 0.5-0.7MPa
Loading Control System online automatic loading and unloading
Product Dimensions3800x2400x2330(mm) or customized
Power Supply and Rated PowerAC220V 50/60HZ, 3KW
Competitive Advantage
  • High-precision control of the etching process is achieved through precise control of the laser beam, to achieving more precise etching.

  • Compared with traditional chemical wet etching, Perovskite laser etching machines can increase etching speed, while ensuring etching quality and greatly improving production efficiency, reduce environmental impact (pollution).

  • Perovskite laser etching is a non-contact process, with no mechanical stress during production, that will protect fragile perovskite materials.

  • Parameters can flexibly adjust to achieve different Perovskite etching effects.

  • High speed laser etching can achieve mass production demand.

  • Stable marble working stage designed to avoid deformation of the substrate during etching 

  • Professional visual guidance mechanism adjusts the angle of the substrate to ensure the parallelism of the etching lines

  • Online operation reduces manual loading and unloading and avoids product damage

  •  Flying optical path design, the Perovskite glass substrate does not move when etching

  • compatible with three processes (online perovskite cell laser etching P1/P2/P3) by one machine 

Perovskite Laser Etching Machine

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